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- History of Duke Nukem
- My maps for DN3D
- My maps for Half Life
- Missions for TIM2

- History of LEGO
- Mode of production LEGO
- Development of bricks
- My collection
- Czech catalogues
- My Gallery

- Truck Trial
- Brick films
- Wallpapers
- Cheese labels





kostky.org - Československé LEGO fórum

ARTEC studios

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Welcome, on my personel pages. This pages was born by summer 2003.

You can on this web pages find my new levels for 3D action games: Half Life or Duke Nukem 3D - Atomic edition. Also information my hobies: LEGO®, Brickfilms, cheese labels and Matchbox cars.

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NEW in January 2014

- the 5th competition of Czech LEGO Technic Truck Trial - group S2
- Aktualization section LEGO-Catalogues: add scans main catalogues 2013 and duplo catalogue, first half 2014, second version 2001


- 2013
- I attend 4th Czech AFOL LEGO exhibition

- 2012
- the 23th August my first son Radek was born
- I hold a 4th competition of Czech LEGO Technic Truck Trial - group S1
- Aktualization section LEGO-Catalogues: add scan catalogue 2012 January-May

- 2011
- Actualization section Hystory of Duke Nukem and LEGO

- 2010
- I attend third Czech AFOL LEGO exhibition - Toy & Hobby 2010. Museum of Central Bohemia in Roztoky
- Aktualization section LEGO-Development of bricks: add many differences
- Aktualization section LEGO-My Gallery
- I hold a third competition of Czech LEGO Technic Truck Trial
- Actualization section LEGO-Catalogues, add scans duplo® catalogue 2009 and 2010, add scan main catalogue 2010 January-Jul

- 2009
- Add new columns in section My Hobies: Wallpapers
- Actualization section Hystory of Duke Nukem, LEGO and Matchbox

- 2008
- This web was add in Brickshlef.com as official web with Czech LEGO catalogues
- I attend second Czech AFOL LEGO exhibition in Brno
- Actualization section: Cheese labels, LEGO-Catalogues, LEGO-My collection

- 2007
- I attend first Czech LEGO exhibition in Svitavy
- Aktualization section LEGO Catalogues and My collection

- 2006
- Add RSS channel
- Cut off the visitors counter
- Aktualization section LEGO-Gallery, Catalogues, My collection
- Web pages ARTEC studios have new web
- General correction of HTML code

- 2005
- Aktualization section LEGO-Gallery, add pictures of creations (Town Hall-Staroměstská radnice, Trains buildings ...)
- Actualization section LEGO-Catalogues, add scan catalog 2004, add scan booklet "Univerzální koncepce hry", 2005 and scans mini catalogues
- Actualization section LEGO-My collection
- Actualization section Half Life, add new screenshots

- 2004
- Actualization section LEGO-Catalogues, add scan catalog 1985 and 2003 August-December
- Actualization section Half Life - Add Trailer The Day After That
- Add new columns in section LEGO: "Development of bricks" and "Galeries"
- Actualization section Half Life, the first information and screenshots from new mod
- This web is without frames

- 2003
- Add the visitors counter
- Add the Guestbook
- New design
- Add English version
- Add new section about LEGO

- 24.6.2003
- This web was born

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